We at TOUR NT love to receive you, but we understand that due to the pandemic it is important to suspend visits until it is safe.


Our Tour

If you can’t visit our home, we’ll go to yours through our signal on TV, Radio and the NT Play app.
Distance unites us, and our embrace reaches you, wherever you are.
Because even though we are far apart, we are together.
And always with you.

Are you ready to live this experience?


ATTENTION: Starting January 1, 2019 all visits to the headquarters of the Novo Tempo Communication Network will be exclusively scheduled through our website. Click on the button above and schedule your visit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there anything more after the visit?
Yes, the experience continues. Thanks to your help, we can go further and transform more lives, taking the word of God to more thirsty hearts. Be part of our family and become an “Angel of Hope”.
Is there a store there?
Yes. Our store offers exclusive Novo Tempo products such as CDs, DVDs, T-shirts, evangelistic materials, among other products.
Is there a restaurant in the place?
Of course. Our restaurant has open doors with a delicious and healthy meal. It is important to mention that any payment is under the responsibility of the visitor.
Is there accessibility “in situ”?
Yes. We want to receive everyone in the best possible way. We have a huge parking lot for motorcycles, cars and buses; elevators and adapted ramps.
Is the entry of pets permitted?
No. It is not.
Is the entry of children under 18 allowed?

Yes. The entry of minors is allowed either with their parents or with the authorization that must be printed.

Download Authorization

How long is the tour?
It’s between 1 and 2 hours.
Is it necessary to schedule the visit?

Yes. It is a mandatory request and is done through our site.

Agende Sua Visita

Is there a cost or charging for individual or group visits?
No, we do not charge anything.
Which is the best day to visit and what time?
Our visiting schedule begins every week on Tuesday and goes until Thursday, at 10 am and 3 pm.

Av. Gen. Euryale de Jesus Zerbine, 5876
Jardim São Gabriel - Jacareí-SP - CEP: 12340-010

+55 (12) 2127-3000